Spirit of Hope Ambassador Recognized

Richard P. Conaboy Jr.

Richard P. Conaboy Jr. knows all too well that cancer does not discriminate. He has lost two daughters, two brothers-in law to cancer and his son, daughter and sister are cancer survivors. Currently his sister-in law is being treated for her cancer. As if cancer did not already hit close enough to home, Dick was diagnosed with cancer within the last year and is doing well. Despite the losses and pain Dick has faced related to cancer and his own addiction recovery, he has continued to give back to the local community through the Spirit of Hope Celebration Board of Ambassadors, the American Cancer Society, and other organizations near and dear to him.

Dick is a graduate of Marywood University where he earned a B.S in Psychology. He has been in the field of addiction and recovery for over 20 years. He spent two decades working at Clearbrook Treatment Center where he over saw the day-to-day operations of the DDAP licensed and JACHO accredited residential treatment facilities as Vice President of Clinical Operations. He is currently the CEO of Lakeside NEPA Drug and Alcohol Treatment Center located in Scranton.

He has dedicated his life not only to his own recovery, but also to helping those afflicted by the disease of addiction. Dick is well respected in the community as a speaker, educator, and advocate for those in the recovery community. Whether it’s helping those in need or his own medical care, Dick has continued to be an embodiment of the spirit of hope.

On Friday, November 12, 2021, Dick was recognized as the Tribute to Courage Honoree at the Spirit of Hope Celebration. The Board of Ambassadors and Associate Board of Ambassadors organize this event. These are individuals and business leaders in Northeast Pennsylvania who come together to raise funds & awareness to fight cancer in the local community through their support and promotion of a gala event.

As Dick spoke about how cancer has affected his life, he remained positive, sharing gratitude for his family and their support.

Leo Vergnetti, Spirit of Hope Board Chair and Tribute to Courage Honoree, Richard P. Conaboy

Dick’s brother, William Conaboy, Esq., NRCI’s Board of Directors Chair, was able to share his gratitude for the work the Cancer Institute does for the community and how humbled he was by the experience to have his family’s story brought to light to bring hope to others.