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CASUAL (Colon Cancer Awareness Saves Unlimited Adult Lives) Day is a program to raise awareness about the importance of screening & early detection for colon cancer in Northeastern Pennsylvania. The event takes place each year at the end of March which is Colorectal Cancer Awareness Month.

On this day, participants dress CASUAL while wearing a specially designed custom t-shirt (long-sleeve or short-sleeve) to promote awareness and have a casual conversation about colon cancer.

Cancer Survivors Day

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Cancer Survivors Day - Honoring, Remembering, & Sharing is an annual dual-location event held in honor of all of the people from Northeastern Pennsylvania who are affected by a cancer diagnosis. Each year members of the Family of Survivors (which include cancer survivors, their families & friends, as well as caregivers and healthcare professionals) attend this meaningful event.

This event features the "Circle of Survivors." This is an activity during which every person in attendance has the opportunity to share words of inspiration about their experience with cancer. Conversation and light refreshments provide an additional opportunity for connection and support.

Spirit of Hope Celebration

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The Spirit of Hope Celebration is hosted by the Board of Ambassadors, a group of individuals & business leaders in Northeastern Pennsylvania who have come together to raise funds & awareness to fight cancer in the local community through their support and promotion of a gala event.

The celebration raises money for the Northeast Regional Cancer Institute’s Patient Navigation Program, which helps low-income individuals in northeast Pennsylvania access direct cancer-related health-care services. Over the past ten years, the event has raised more than $380,000 for the Northeast Regional Cancer Institute.