Regional Cancer Registry 

The Northeast Regional Cancer Institute provides an array of hospital and medical practice support services to help ensure that cancer patients treated locally receive the best care possible.

At the center of these services is the Cancer Institute Regional Cancer Registry, the only regional registry in Pennsylvania. Every hospital and selected practices and laboratories in Pennsylvania are required by state law to record and annually report to the Commonwealth cancer incidence and mortality data in accordance with Act 224, the Pennsylvania Cancer Control Prevention and Research Act. The Northeast Regional Cancer Institute Regional Cancer Registry provides advanced recording and reporting of cancer diagnosis, treatment, outcome, and clinical research statistics for multiple local hospitals, practices, and laboratories – in a manner that reduces costs, maximizes quality, streamlines reporting times, and produces an invaluable database of regional cancer data.

In addition to data management, Cancer Institute staff provides a wide range of management support services for hospital and medical practice cancer treatment programs that likewise result in enhanced quality and cost effectiveness for participating institutions.

The ultimate goal of these efforts is better patient care from the time of diagnosis, through treatment, rehabilitation, and lifetime follow-up. From a public health standpoint, the Regional Cancer Registry is invaluable for comprehensive community, hospital, and practice planning regarding oncology services, and long-term projections for the allocation of scarce healthcare resources.

Hospital and practice support services provided by the Cancer Institute include:

  • Abstracting (medical records) and Reporting of Cancer Cases
  • Data Management
  • Cancer Program Support Services
  • Tumor Registrar Training and Continuing Education
  • Community and Healthcare Professional Education

For more information about hospital and practice support services contact the Cancer Institute.