Get to Know NRCI Volunteer Mary Ann Eastman

Bob Eastman with his sister, Mary Ann Eastman
pose while volunteering at one of NRCI’s Cancer Survivors Day events.

If you’ve attended a Cancer Survivors Day in Scranton over the past few years, Mary Ann Eastman has likely greeted you at the event registration table. Mary Ann has been a longtime volunteer at Cancer Survivors Day.

Mary Ann first heard of NRCI when Regional Hospital (formerly Mercy Hospital) hosted a support group for cancer patients and caregivers. Mary Ann was going through cancer treatments and attended meetings with her husband. She met two individuals at the meetings that told her about Cancer Survivors Day and Mary Ann began volunteering with them. Mary Ann recruited her brother, Bob Eastman, to join her as he lost his wife to liver cancer in 2010. Mary Ann has a unique perspective as a cancer survivor and a caregiver. Both experiences have helped shape her into the compassionate and caring woman she is today.

Mary Ann continues to volunteer each year because she can relate to the struggles and the triumphs affecting those with a cancer diagnosis. She also enjoys seeing familiar faces year after year and listening to a variety of stories from patients, survivors, and caregivers. Mary Ann is mindful and grateful for devoted caregivers and families of those who have succumb to the disease to continue to come to the event and share their loved one’s story.

Thank you, Mary Ann and Bob Eastman, for your years of volunteer support to NRCI.

Anyone affected by a cancer diagnosis is welcome to attend our annual Cancer Survivors Day-Honoring, Remembering, Sharing events. Join us on Saturday, September 17th at McDade Park, or Saturday 24th at Kirby Park. Registration begins at 10:00 a.m. and the event begins at 10:30 a.m. Please dress for the weather as the event will take place rain or shine.

The main feature of the event is called the Circle of Survivors. We invite attendees to stand in a circle and say a few words about their experience with cancer. We also provide survivor ribbons based on the type of cancer, caregiver pins.

For questions and more information, please contact us at (570) 904-8808.