Cancer Survivors Day- Travis’s Story

Travis Davis greets attendees at the 2019 Cancer Survivors Day event at McDade Park.

Travis Davis was our 2019 Cancer Survivors Day chair. Here is his story.

After attending my first Cancer Survivors Day, I quickly realized what this day truly means. Shortly after arriving at McDade Park, I ran into a colleague. Her smile was bright, and I could see how excited she was for the event. As we walked towards the pavilion, she shared her story with me for the first time. She had a history of breast cancer and her mother and aunts had also been through difficult journeys with breast cancer. This was her 9th year cancer-free! It became clear to me why she was here – to CELEBRATE survivorship and to INSPIRE others.

As the day progressed, cancer survivors, family members and friends connected with each other, celebrated milestones, and recognized those who have supported them along the way. Survivorship needs to be recognized and celebrated; it is a day to champion all people who are living with or have a history of cancer and to bring attention to the ongoing challenges they face. Whether you count yourself as a survivor from the onset of diagnosis, or when your physician finds there is no longer evidence of the disease, survivorship is a difficult journey and must be celebrated.

Throughout the month of September, we will share stories. This is the opportunity to be a part and give or receive inspiration from our fellow community members. Distance between us shouldn’t put an end to support and togetherness.