Cancer Survivors Day: Carolyn’s Story

My name is Carolyn Oravitz. I am a breast cancer survivor. Shortly after I heard my cancer diagnosis, I went to a drugstore to pick up some articles. The first thing I noticed when I entered the store was a book about surviving breast cancer. I was not shopping for books but it caught my eye so I took it off the rack to look at it. I quickly put it back and said to myself, I am not going to read it because I am going to write my own book. After I said those words to myself, I wondered where that thought came from because I had never written a book before and never intended to.

I started a journal that day and wrote in it throughout my experiences with surgery, chemotherapy, and radiation. Some circumstances led me to show my journal to a few people, although I had only intended to keep it for myself. I was encouraged to share it with others and get my story out, and so I did. The book is titled, Yet will I Hope in Him – How the Gift of Hope Carries Us through Difficult Times.

I have sold or given away around 400 of my books now and have heard many good reports from others who said it helped them so much.  Just this past week, someone read a letter to me that she received from a woman who went to a cancer center and had to wait four hours in the waiting room. During those four hours she read my book from cover to cover and said it gave her courage to know that she could also face what she would have to go through.

I am so grateful that my experiences have been able to help others and God blessed me during that time so unexpectedly and that my faith grew as he helped me get through so many difficulties.

Throughout the month of September, we will share stories. This is the opportunity to be a part and give or receive inspiration from our fellow community members. Distance between us shouldn’t put an end to support and togetherness.