Cancer Screening During a Pandemic

Screening for cancers using evidence-based screening tests saves lives. Screenings are available for breast, cervical, colon and lung cancers. In the first half of 2020, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, many routine screenings could not be completed in a timely fashion. According to the National Cancer Institute, this could account for thousands of missed cancer cases and cancers diagnosed at a later stage, affecting overall mortality from these cancers for years. If you have missed a routine screening or think you are due, please contact your primary care practitioner about assessing your risk for these cancers and discussing screening options. For example, some tests can be done at home for colon cancer screening and may be an option for patients. Also, many screening sites are open with procedures in place to protect patients from the spread of this virus. Remember to wash your hands or use sanitizer, wear a mask that covers your nose and mouth and maintain social distancing to help reduce the spread of the virus. If you need assistance with getting screened, please contact the Community Based Cancer Screening Navigation Program at the Northeast Regional Cancer Institute at (570) 941-7984.