Cancer Institute Releases Latest Local Cancer Surveillance Report

The Northeast Regional Cancer Institute, a local community-based nonprofit organization, has released the latest “Cancer in Northeastern Pennsylvania: Incidence and Mortality for Common Cancers” surveillance report.  The report is available at:

This unique, locally focused report was compiled by Cancer Institute Surveillance Coordinator, Karen Ryczak, RN and Medical Director, Samuel Lesko, MD, MPH. The report documents that both incidence and mortality rates for cancer are significantly higher in NEPA than the U.S. It also identifies those cancer sites for which there is a disparity in either incidence or mortality. Tobacco related cancers, such as lung, larynx, oral cavity, pharynx and bladder cancers continue to be statistically significantly higher than the U.S. rate in both men and women. Of note, lung cancer screening is available and has shown to reduce mortality from this cancer.  The use of lung cancer screening is slowly increasing but remains low.  Individuals with a smoking history should discuss lung cancer screening eligibility, benefits and risks with their primary care provider.

The goal in sharing these data is to raise awareness across the community and to promote collaborative efforts to reduce the risk of select cancers through healthy lifestyle choices and adherence to proper screening guidelines. The report offers important insight for Northeastern Pennsylvania residents, health professionals, and government leaders.

The Cancer Institute can provide additional information or interviews regarding the latest report. A copy of the full report can be found on the Cancer Institute website, www.cancernepa.orgor If you would like a hard copy, please feel free to contact the Northeast Regional Cancer Institute at (570) 941-7984 or [email protected].