Cancer Institute Reaches Screening Milestone

The Northeast Regional Cancer Institute recently reached the milestone of facilitating the completion of over 4,000 cancer screenings through the organization’s Community-Based Cancer Screening Navigation Program.

These screenings have been completed over the course of the past six years through a free program designed to assist those most in need, primarily the uninsured and underinsured, in obtaining potentially life-saving colon, breast, cervical, and lung cancer screenings. Recognizing that the health care system can be difficult to navigate, the Navigation Program offers individualized assistance to guide participants through the process of screening, and if necessary, treatment and aftercare.  The program also includes help finding resources to overcome barriers to screenings, such as transportation and child care needs, as well as ensuring all participants are connected to a primary care provider for ongoing preventive care.

In addition to increasing cancer screening compliance, the Navigation Program also seeks to promote early detection and prevention, ultimately improving the health of our community and reducing regional health care costs.

For more information about this program, call the Cancer Institute at 570-941-7984, or visit and view the “Patient Navigation” page.